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Nationwide Investigations Group

Private Investigators

Established 1963
  • 020 7649 9415 020 7649 9415
  • 020 7649 9415 020 7649 9415
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"Whether tracing missing persons, legal witnesses or corporate debtors, our team work discreetly and efficiently with international reach."

Tracing Missing Persons, Witnesses and Debtors

Nationwide Investigations Group have decades of experience tracing missing people from family members, to court witnesses and debtors.

We are often tasked with tracing missing persons for a wide variety of reasons, sometimes as a standalone service on behalf of a private family, at other times as part of a larger investigation such as seeking out witnesses for a court case or tracking individuals responsible for fraudulent activities and blackmail.

With 60 years of experience as private investigators our team have built up incredible expertise and a vast network of associates and partners located across the world who support us following people wherever they go. We're proud of a reputation for discreet, confidential operations that bring results for our clients.

Based in London our agents work in major cities across the UK including Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Cardiff, with our network of associate and partner private investigators reaching internationally.

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From tracing missing relatives for a concerned family, to tracking down corporate debtors or essential witnesses on behalf of solicitors and law firms: Nationwide Investigations Group can find individuals worldwide

020 7649 9415

We provide a comprehensive range of services for locating and tracing missing persons of all kinds;

  • Family member disappearances and runaways
  • Tracing of will beneficiaries for trustees and solicitors
  • Tracking private and commercial debtors
  • Supporting criminal investigation searches
  • Enquiry agent support for solicitors tracing witnesses

Our expert private investigators use a wide range of tools and techniques to find and locate individuals, including a range of Internet and web based systems; often with limited information, we utilise every possible resource, paper trail and contact to track people down.

Nationwide Investigations Group have a time-earned reputation for absolute discretion, integrity and confidentiality in our operations, with exceptional quality standards in our work pursuing information and results for our clients.

We have recently searched for missing persons across the UK, in and around London, Leeds, Liverpool, Brighton, Bournemouth, Middlesbrough, Sunderland, Reading, Stoke-on-Trent, Coventry, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Brighton, Newcastle, Portsmouth, Southampton, Glasgow, Birmingham and Manchester.