Computer Fraud Investigation

Investigating computer-related fraud is generally a difficult and very time-consuming subject. It can be a labyrinth for the uninitiated.

Nationwide Investigations Group has experienced Consultants specialising in identifying fraudulent transactions, accumulating and compiling evidence of fraud which is presented at Crown Court and/or Industrial Tribunals. Our qualified consultants are able to pinpoint the locations and systems most prone to shrinkage, and they can offer specialist advice on assisting businesses to protect themselves from fraud.

Does your company have a policy about use of the Internet and email? Many security problems for companies occur from the inside out. Employees download computer programs with viruses, or spend endless hours surfing the web or in chat sessions with others wasting your company time. Nationwide Investigations Group can help you with designing your company policy in regards to the Internet, web, email, and software. Policy for the Internet is as important as sick leave policy, and it takes a company that has worked in the Internet and knows what dangers there are for companies.