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Nationwide Investigations Group

Private Investigators

Established 1963
  • 020 7649 9415 020 7649 9415
  • 020 7649 9415 020 7649 9415

Fraud Investigations undertaken in Manchester

Experiencing fraud or some form of blackmail? Call the professionals at NIG, we undertake investigations across Manchester.

With six years of experience tracking money and other assets taken criminally through activities like fraud and blackmail; we have developed an in-depth understanding of how fraudsters move and access stolen money, even through modern technologies such as cryptocurrency and dark web markets.

Our expert team of asset tracers and financial investigators work alongside private investigations agents using a full range of methodologies to trace stolen funds, identify fraudsters and blackmailers,  and strategise responses including liaison with law enforcement or litigators.

We also provide our clients with consultation and advice on how to protect themselves against such intrusions and thefts in future with a full audit of their business and financial infrastructure to identify weaknesses and potential threats.

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For expert investigation into fraud, blackmail, and corporate theft, Nationwide Investigations Group offer an extensive range of services and expertise to identify and protect against criminal activity

020 7649 9415

An extensive range of corporate fraud, theft and blackmail investigation services, including:

  • Fraud and blackmail weakness evaluations
  • Legal support and evidence accumulation
  • Financial analysis and Internet fraud investigation
  • Weakness mitigation and security consulting
  • Paper trail navigation and evidence
  • Identification of fraudsters
  • Tracing of blackmail instigators
  • Loss recovery advice
  • Asset tracing and financial investigations

Manchester's leaders in fraud investigations

Our expertise tracking assets and money through complex chains of exchange, including latest technology such as blockchain analysis, reaches back decades, and we invest heavily in exceptional financial investigators and forensic accountants to bring world class private investigator services to corporations, business leaders, politicians and other public and high net worth figures.

Based in London with teams of agents based throughout the UK, Nationwide Investigations Group extends internationally through a network of trusted and expert partners, ensuring we can always follow the paper trails.

We have recently carried out experienced fraud investigations in and around London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Portsmouth, Sheffield, Brighton, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Middlesbrough, Reading, Sunderland, Stoke-on-Trent, Coventry, Bournemouth, Leicester, Newcastle, Southampton, Leeds and Manchester.