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Nationwide Investigations Group

Private Investigators

Established 1963
  • 020 7649 9415 020 7649 9415
  • 020 7649 9415 020 7649 9415

Fraud Investigations London

Investigating blackmail and fraud, across London and the Home Counties in complete discretion.

Our decades of experience in monitoring and tracing funds obtained through illegal means including extortion and embezzlement have enabled us to develop a deep comprehension of how criminals are able to access and transfer stolen money. We have also kept abreast of the latest technology such as dark web networks and crypto-currency trading, offering invaluable insight into their use by fraudsters.

Our team of experienced financial investigators and asset tracers based in London are supported by discreet private investigations agents. They employ a full range of strategised approaches to detect fraudsters and blackmailers, as well as assisting with liaising with litigators or law enforcement in order to trace any stolen funds.

We also work with our London customers to help and advise them about the best way to guard against such activities and break-ins in the future, performing a thorough inspection of their financial infrastructure and business operations to locate any risks and flaws.

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For expert investigation into fraud, blackmail, and corporate theft, Nationwide Investigations Group offer an extensive range of services and expertise to identify and protect against criminal activity

020 7649 9415

The complete fraud investigation service in London

Working throughout London and the rest of the UK, we offer a comprehensive range of blackmail, theft and fraud investigation services, including:

  • Fraud and blackmail weakness evaluations
  • Legal support and evidence accumulation
  • Financial analysis and Internet fraud investigation
  • Weakness mitigation and security consulting
  • Paper trail navigation and evidence
  • Identification of fraudsters
  • Tracing of blackmail instigators
  • Loss recovery advice
  • Asset tracing and financial investigations

London's leaders in fraud investigations

Our decades of experience tracking money and assets, including cutting-edge blockchain analysis, is supported by big investments in top-level forensic accountants and financial investigators - allowing us to offer outstanding private investigation services to business leaders, politicians, corporations, high net worth individuals and other prominent figures.

Our teams of agents are located across the UK and we have the benefit of a wide-reaching network of experienced associates to give us global coverage, allowing us to trace evidence regardless of where it may be.

We have been undertaking fraud investigations in and around London and the South East lately, so contact our specialised and expert fraud investigators immediately to have a confidential discussion and discern how we can provide assistance.