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Nationwide Investigations Group

Private Investigators

Established 1963
  • 020 7649 9415 020 7649 9415
  • 020 7649 9415 020 7649 9415

Experts in commercial and private investigation since 1963

Nationwide Investigations Group was established in London in 1963; providing a comprehensive range of private investigator services the agency rapidly spreading it's reach across the UK and internationally.

Building a reputation for specialist expertise in commercial and legal sector investigations including due diligence, asset tracing, and corporate intelligence, we also provide traditional private detective services such as finding missing persons and fraud and blackmail investigation.

UK private investigators for over half a century

Though PI work has often been a niche service in the UK, Nationwide Investigations Group has enjoyed a long history working with a diverse range of commercial and industrial business clients and providing enquiry agent services to solicitors and legal agents.

We believe this success and longevity comes from our focus on quality standards in all of our investigations work; our clients have to trust and rely implicitly on our abilities, so we always push our team, agents and associates to deliver the exceptional.

Our commercial investigations and enquiry agent services are retained by a diverse range of commercial entities, law firms, CEOs and public figures. Over our long experience in the Private Investigation sector we have worked on national and international investigations, alongside lawyers, police forces, journalists, other private detective agencies, families and private individuals.

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To enquire about any of our private investigator services, from corporate due diligence to fraud investigations, speak to us today on

020 7649 9415

From expert asset tracing and corporate due diligence to commercial surveillance, fraud investigations and tracking people who have disappeared; Nationwide Investigations Group aim to provide comprehensive solutions, market-leading research abilities, and extensively detailed answers to your questions.

Guaranteeing absolute discretion, integrity, and confidentiality whatever the investigation, our private investigators have delivered exceptional results for 60 years and continuously work to expand and improve our service further.

As of October 2020, we have formed a close working partnership with Anderson Chance Investigations in London. Sharing our high quality and ethical standards Anderson Chance have further expanded our national and international reach, and our breadth of expertise in private investigations such as litigation support, surveillance services, prenuptial and probate research.

Their multi-lingual team and impressive reputation built over two decades closely compliment our corporate intelligence abilities to deliver even better results for all of our clients.