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Welcome to the Nationwide Investigations Group

Who are we?

Nationwide Investigations Group is a team of professional, experienced, highly qualified private investigators, who are fully dedicated to helping you to find the information you need.

Established in the heart of London in 1963, the Nationwide Investigations Group has developed a reputation as one of the most progressive, ethical and well respected private investigator services in the UK. Our private detectives have been assisting private and corporate clients with their investigations in the big city and beyond for 50 highly successful years – and we’re ready and waiting to help you too.

What do we do?

Combining our many years of experience with the most advanced cutting edge technology and techniques, we offer a range of discreet private investigator services designed to maximise the chances of getting you the results that you desire.

Our private investigator services are available throughout London and across the UK, and include surveillance, tracing missing persons, service of legal process, insurance, de-bugging, forensics, computer fraud investigation, counterfeit and piracy investigation, and polygraph lie-detection. Our client base is hugely diverse - our private investigators have worked with everyone from government officials to the national press, the police force to royalty, on both a national and international basis.

If you’re looking for private detectives with the highest level of knowledge and experience, the most contemporary and effective methods and resources, and excellent rates of success, you’ve come to the right place.

How can we help you?

Our expert team of private detectives can help with any investigation you wish us to undertake. We operate a fully discreet, professional service, and work closely with each of our clients to gain a full understanding of their needs and the sensitive nature of their specific situation. Your requirements and desired outcome will always be the top priority for your private investigator – and of course, complete confidentiality comes as standard.

Our private investigators operate across a range of industries, including commerce, law and insurance, as well as on a private basis for investigations concerning matrimonial discordance, missing people and questions of paternity. With everything from high tech GPS surveillance to polygraph lie detection at our fingertips, we can track people down, uncover fraudulent activity and get the answers and evidence you require – all while adhering to the laws of the land to ensure that we provide an honest, ethical service.

Whether you need a private detective for business or personal reasons, Nationwide Investigations Group will work quickly, efficiently and discreetly to uncover the information or the evidence you need.

Get in touch

Our full private detective service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, across postcodes in London, Brighton, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, and many other areas across the UK. If you’d like more information about our private investigator services, or want to get your investigation underway, please call 020 7649 9415 or get in touch using our confidential contact form.

For the Private Client

Nationwide Investigations Group's reputation, since its formation in 1963, has been built upon providing a service of the utmost confidentiality and respect to our many clients. We are always extremely sensitive to their needs, particularly in areas which require discretion and judgement, outside normal courses of procedure, absolute confidentiality and reliability. The keyword 'trust' cannot be too highly emphasised, the clients' interests are always paramount, they are never forgotten.

  • Matrimonial prenuptial and alimony investigations
  • Tracing missing persons
  • Paternity testing
  • Polygraph examinations "lie detector"
  • Mobile phone and computer examination
  • Electronic Sweeps/De-Bugging
  • Handwriting and fingerprint analysis
  • Surveillance
  • Financial investigations and asset searching

For the Legal Profession

Nationwide Investigations Group provides a fully comprehensive investigative service for the legal profession. We have almost 5 decades of practical experience in conducting enquiries on behalf of lawyers into all types of civil, criminal and personal matters.

Our experienced staff have extensive and practical knowledge of law and are fully conversant with the many aspects of:

  • Obtaining statements and proofs of evidence
  • Financial investigations and asset searching
  • The tracing of witnesses
  • Process and relative Affidavits
  • Litigation support
  • Investigations into the character and antecedents of individuals
  • Bona fides of business concerns
  • Detailed 'locus quo' sketch plans and photography
  • Personal injury and accident investigations
  • Criminal defence investigations


  • Financial investigations and asset searching
  • Tracing missing persons
  • Personal injury investigations
  • Criminal defence investigations
  • 'Locus Quo' sketch plans and photography
  • Process serving
  • Internal fraud and theft investigations
  • Product counterfeiting and trade-mark fraud investigations
  • Employee screening investigations, due diligence and background checks
  • Investigating fraudulent insurance claims
  • Matrimonial prenuptial and alimony investigations
  • Forensic science facilities including DNA Profiling
  • Photographic and video image enhancement
  • Handwriting and fingerprint analysis
  • Mobile Phone and Computer Examination
  • Polygraph examinations "lie detector"
  • Computer-related fraud investigations
  • Electronic Sweeps/De-Bugging

For Commerce and Industry

Nationwide Investigations Group is called upon by commercial and industrial organisations to combat:

  • Internal fraud and theft
  • Evaluation of internal controls and accounting systems
  • Misappropriation of information and counter industrial espionage
  • Copyright, patents and trademark infringement
  • Product counterfeiting
  • Computer misuse and fraud
  • Potential employee screening
  • Financial investigations and asset searching
  • Personal injury investigations
  • Electronic Sweeps/De-Bugging
  • Surveillance

We also carry out security surveys and the de-bugging of premises and communications systems, together with countless other problems arising from operating in business.

Nationwide Investigations Group is experienced in dealing with these complicated, confidential and sometimes very delicate matters.

Nationwide Investigations Group is highly proficient in the tracing of defaulters and absconder debtors. Our private investigators are experienced in interviewing debtors and the preparation of financial status reports.

For the Insurance Industry

Nationwide Investigations Group acts on behalf of many leading insurance companies investigating fraudulent and suspicious claims. We have available, when required, the latest photographic and video equipment. Not only can we offer an excellent investigation and reporting service but our experienced staff can, if requested, give a reasoned opinion on the merits of any particular case.

Do we operate in your area?

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Nationwide Investigations Group provides a professional and comprehensive private investigation service.

With over 50 years practical experience in conducting investigations on behalf of lawyers commerce industry and the general public into all types of civil, criminal and personal matters.


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